Understanding MOTs in York - The Essential Guide

Under UK law, most vehicles must pass an annual road safety and environmental test, which is known as an MOT test. The purpose of the test is to ensure that the vehicle is safe for road use, adheres to all the necessary regulations, and meets the national standards for vehicle emissions. Vehicles that are more than three years old must undergo an MOT test: it is a legal requirement.

At Fulford Auto Services in York, our experienced technicians provide comprehensive MOT tests to ensure your vehicle remains in full legal compliance. Having an MOT test by a professional at our approved centre ensures that your vehicle is fit to be used on public roads.

What is Tested in an MOT?

An MOT assesses the safety of a vehicle internally and externally. The test includes an examination of the tyres, brakes, exhaust system, lights, mirrors, seatbelts, windscreen, steering, suspension, chassis, and any leaks in the petrol and diesel systems.

The MOT test also involves inspecting the vehicle’s emissions, oxygen levels, and the technical instructions on the registration plate. At Fulford Auto Services, our experienced technicians will thoroughly check all of these areas to certify that your vehicle is safe for the road.

How to Ensure You Pass Your MOT

At Fulford Auto Services, we always recommend that vehicle owners have their vehicle serviced as part of their annual MOT test. Having a full service prior to the MOT test means that any minor issues can be identified and corrected before you bring your car to us for its MOT.

We recommend that you check all the relevant lights are working, that you have an adequate level of oil and water, and that the exhaust system is in good repair. It is also recommended that the tyres have the correct amount of air pressure and that there is no damage to the windscreen, wiper blades, or washer jets.

Frequent Rejections During MOTs

The most common rejections during MOT tests include faulty brake lights or indicator lights, a tyre or wheel suspension issue, or an emissions issue. It is also common to have a rejection due to a faulty steering or brake system or if the exhaust system or lights are not working correctly.

At Fulford Auto Services, we can diagnose and fix any of these problems for you. We understand that passing an MOT is essential to having a legally roadworthy vehicle. That is why we aim to provide a comprehensive service to ensure that your car passes its MOT test.

Where to Find Professional MOTs in York

At Fulford Auto Services, we offer competitively priced professional MOT tests. We are an approved testing centre based in York, so you can be sure of our quality service and expertise. We understand our customers’ needs and always ensure we meet all their requirements.

Contact Fulford Auto Services to arrange your MOT test in York. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience in the motor industry and are dedicated to providing a quick and efficient MOT service. No matter what the make or model of your vehicle, you can rely on us for superior quality MOTs in York.